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for the Ultraviolet to Soft X-ray.



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Beam Profilers

Star Tech Instruments optical beam profilers offer the solution for all short wavelength beam analysis applications, whether your source is an excimer laser, an ultraviolet lamp, or a synchrotron. They are inexpensive, compact, and extremely resistant to radiation damage.

Energy Probes

Star Tech Instruments energy probes offer the same freedom from degradation and short wavelength performance as our beam profilers, and allow precise measurement of pulsed sources from nanojoules to joules, and CW sources from nanowatts to watts.


WinCam-D optical beam analysis software allows for real-time capture and analysis of pulsed or continuous sources.

Signal Conditioners

Electronic preamplifiers to process and output the signals from Star Tech Instruments energy probes.

Applications Laboratory

Star Tech Instruments offers excimer laser exposure testing and applications lab services.

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