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The BIP-5100

The BIP-5100 series of beam profilers generates a video image of any ultraviolet or soft x-ray laser beam or other source. Its benefits include low cost, rugged construction, ease of use, and adjustable magnification.

Typical specifications-

BIP-5100 with 58 mm aperture, 6:1 zoom ratio, and XC-73 CCD



The RA Viewer is an attachment designed for space-limited applications. It allows the BIP to be used at a right angle to the beam, and uses only 4 inches of beam path.

BIP-5100 with RA Viewer attachment



The BIP-5100 is also available in a compact fixed magnification version.

BIP-5100 with 38 mm aperture and fixed magnification


The BIP-3100

The BIP-3100 are a series of high performance beam profilers, with clear apertures from 10 to 150 mm. Other specifications are similar to those for the BIP-5100. Contact the factory for your specific application.

BIP-3100 with 80 mm clear aperture






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