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Ultraviolet Energy Probes

XR Series Detectors

The XR series detectors feature extremely high responsivity (up to 2,000,000 V/J at 193 nm), repetition rates from CW to 10 KHz and broad spectral response (from 1 to 400 nm, depending on f-plate material). These detectors are very compact and cost effective.

The model pictured is the PC mount version, the XR series detector is also available with a coaxial cable output.

XR-16R Energy Probe

16 mm clear aperture, 25 mm overall diameter.


XR Series Specifications (PDF format)

VHR Series Detectors

The VHR series of detectors are low-cost devices intended for permanent or semi-permanent location within an optical path. They are rugged and extremely sensitive, and some models have the unique feature of low insertion loss (up to 98% transmission!) to allow for real time, pulse-to-pulse monitoring of a process laser beam.

VHR-C/38AR Energy Probe

38 mm clear aperture, 98% transmission at 193 nm

VHR-AR Series Specifications (PDF format)


VHR-28 Energy Probe

28 mm clear aperture, low-cost probe for OEM applications

VHR-28 Specifications (PDF format)


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